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Small batch, hand-crafted ​fine Northamptonshire ales

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Pheasant Tale - 3.8%

This lightly-hopped Golden Ale is a refreshing session beer, ideal for lazy summer days. It has a pleasant aroma and a light, crisp flavour.

This is the first brew from Creaton Grange Ales and tells the tale of the brewery beginnings. From the humble beginnings on the farm in Creaton, this recipe was first formulated for Ed's wedding and has been honed and perfected to the beer it is today.

Four Sons - 3.5%

This traditional mild bitter has light roasted notes combined with a floral aroma and hints of sweet spice.

Being the youngest of four sons, Ed and his brothers have grown closer as they grew up, often catching up over a beer when they see each other.

March Yard - 4.2%

A bright, summer pale ale, with an aromatic and nutty hoppy flavour and a refreshing finish. The perfect drink for those who want a bit more of a punch

March Yard is the field overlooked by Creaton Grange, bought by the Matts Family over 100 years ago

Sold in 9 Gallon metal casks to trade or for events with their own alcohol license, if a smaller quantity is required, please enquire about purchasing polypins (1L, 5L 10L). For events we also offer stillage, taps, beer pumps, cooling jackets and glassware, please contact us for costs

Creaton Grange Ales
The Old Wash House
Creaton Grange
Grooms Lane
Creaton Northampton,

t: 07943 595829

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